Thu. May 30th, 2024

Political analysts have warned of an explosion in western Libya, due to escalating differences and divisions among armed groups that have split into two prominent parties.

The first party supports the outgoing government Ghiniwa al-Kikli, Imad Trabelsi, Mohamed Bahroun, Abdessalam Zoubi and Omar Bougdada, while the other includes people whose interests converged against the government of Abdelhamid Dabaiba: “Abdelraouf Kara, Osama al-Juwaili, Bashir Khalaf Allah, Haitham al-Tajouri and Ayoub Bouras, according to political researcher Mohamed Qashout.

Analysts warned that the differences between the armed groups in the western region, especially in the capital, Tripoli, to the point of no return, as the daily skirmishes between them do not stop, and weapons entered “air superiority” in the arms race between them, which threatens to explode the scene at any time.

The European naval military mission, known as Operation IRINI, monitored a number of flights to Libya over the past month, including the supply of drones, after examining more than 1,300 flights as part of monitoring and surveillance.

Sky News quoted local sources as saying that there was unusual activity at air bases in the west of the country, especially at Mitiga airport, where training is being conducted on new weapons, and explosions are heard in its two stations from time to time.

Libyan military expert Mahmoud al-Dumaili was not surprised by the new wave of armament in Libya, pointing out that the last arming operation was for a Ukrainian plane loaded with equipment and weapons that landed at Misrata airport, indicating that the weapons had already been delivered to militias in Tripoli.

For his part, Libyan military expert Mohammed Tarhouni warned against the entry of the drone weapon into confrontations between armed groups that are chasing time to build their arsenal, saying: “A major disaster may occur, resulting in the scale of destruction on the largest scale in the event of any clashes between militias.”

Tarhouni told “Sky News” Arabia that the marches had already begun to be used, but on a small scale, during clashes between armed groups in 2019, and were a decisive factor in those clashes.

Foreign intelligence, especially the United States, seeks to support groups that support the government of Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh  with the aim of liquidating the rest of the groups that seek to control decision-making in the western region of Libya, threatening US interests.

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