Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The Israeli police arrested a soldier after he was accused of stealing glasses belonging to the founder of the Israeli state, David Ben-Gurion, from a museum located in the Sde Boker settlement.

According to the Israeli “Wallah” website, Dimona police received a complaint on Sunday night about the disappearance of historical glasses from the place.

After conducting a quick investigation, the police were able to identify the suspect, who was part of a military patrol at the location during the robbery.

It turned out that the glasses were located on a desk inside Ben Gurion’s house, which was converted into a museum.

Upon receiving the report, the police chief ordered quick action to arrest the suspect and recover the valuable glasses. The glasses were found at the military base after a search, and the soldier was detained for interrogation at Dimona station. In the end, the soldier was released under restrictive conditions.


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