Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Libyan Prime Minister Osama Hammad informed the Attorney General of the implementation of immediate measures to stop the plan of the outgoing Libyan Government of National Unity to privatize a number of national companies.

This action comes after the government issued Resolution No. 46 of 2024 on January 24, which aims to transfer the subordination of public companies to the Investment Promotion Authority, opening the door to privatizations that may cause clear violations of financial laws and local legislation.

In his statement, Hammad expressed his dissatisfaction with this unjustified trend, which indicates a clear attack on Libyan national property, and the embezzlement of funds deposited in the accounts of these companies, and in his letter to the Attorney General, he called on the Prime Minister to immediately investigate and take the necessary legal measures to stop the implementation of this decision, which he described as invalid.

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