Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The 38th edition of the Tunis International Book Fair kicks off with the participation of 25 countries on April 19th, under the slogan “Go beyond what your eyes see with a book in your hand”.

The exhibition runs at the Palace des Expositions in Al Karam, located on the outskirts of the capital until April 28, combining commercial, cultural, and literary aspects, an annual event since 1982.

The director of the exhibition, Mohammed Saleh al-Qadri, confirmed that this session will be devoted to solidarity with the Palestinian people, denying during a press conference held yesterday rumors about changing the venue of the event.

He explained that dialogue sessions will be organized focusing on the following topics: “The identity of Palestine”, “The fate of the Palestinian person”, “The narrative of genocide and resistance” and “Palestine in Tunisian literature”, in addition to a seminar entitled “Resistance and Issues of Commitment in Thought, Art and Literature”.

The director of the exhibition also stated that Italy will be the guest of honor for this session and will participate in a special pavilion that includes workshops for children and will witness the presence of a number of Arab and foreign writers, including the French philosopher Alain Junion.

Kadri noted that on March 12th, Tunisian Culture Minister Hayat Kattat was sacked following her decision to cancel the Tunis International Book Fair.

He said visitors will be able to explore more than 109,300 titles offered by publishers from 25 countries.

The exhibition will witness wide participation from local and international publishing houses, in addition to a group of institutions, organizations and associations from Tunisia and abroad.

The exhibition also includes 314 pavilions and more than 109,000 titles, with various events and 8 awards.


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